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About Us

       Our home apiary (aka "bee yard") is in middle Georgia, just south of Atlanta and a little north of Macon.  We currently have around fifty colonies of honeybees, spread out across several locations.   We have several permanent bee yards, and we also move colonies around to different locations from time to time.  We produce and sell honey, pollen, and bees wax, and we also do some agricultural pollination here and there.

        We produce local wildflower honey, as well as several different varieties of monofloral honey.   In years where the weather cooperates, we can harvest cotton, blackberry, and tulip poplar honey.  All of the honey we sell is 100% pure, raw honey.  

     - Our honey is NEVER heated, blended, or micro-filtered.  

     - We NEVER add anything to, cut, or dilute our honey in any way.  

     - We never use any chemicals or antibiotics in our beehives. 

         Once we extract the honey from the comb, all we do is run it through a strainer about as fine as your typical window screen to get out the random wing or antenna.  We leave all of the natural goodness in the honey. We take pride in producing and offering the very finest honey available.  In this day of processed and adulterated foods, a natural sweet food like raw, local honey is a rare treat.  The honey you buy from the Liberty Hill Honey Company, LLC, will always be 100% raw, unfiltered honey, and NOTHING else... just like Mother Nature and the bees made it!

          Our honey house is licensed and regularly inspected, and our honey tested, by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, so you can be assured every bottle of honey bearing Liberty Hill Honey Company, LLC, label has been handled with care, and the honey inside is as pure, wholesome, and delicious as the honeybees and Mother Nature intended.


Our People

Brutz English 


Master Beekeeper

I've been keeping bees since 2009.  I originally began with two colonies, and I have slowly grown to as many as fifty. I am a member of several local bee clubs, and I serve on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Beekeepers Association.  I am a UGA Master Beekeeper, having earned my certification through the Young Harris College-UGA Beekeeping Institute.  I am also a Senior Honey Judge under the Welsh honey show system.  I was the Georgia Beekeepers Association 2017 Beekeeper of the Year.  I speak about, and teach, beekeeping related topics and classes across Georgia and the Southeast.



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