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Links & Resources

Georgia Beekeepers Association

       The GBA is the single best resource for all your beekeeping questions and information. Their website is linked here. The GBA is also on Facebook .


Henry County Beekeepers Association

       The HBA serves Henry County, Georgia, and the surrounding area.  HBA is an outstanding local bee club, with a strong beginning beekeepers program. The Henry County Bee Club has an excellent Facebook page.

UGA Honey Bee Program

       The University of Georgia is home to one of largest and most respected honeybee research facilities in the world.

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association

       The Metro club serves Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding area.  Metro is an outstanding local bee club (by far the largest in the State).  Metro is well know for it's excellent mentoring program for beginning beekeepers.   The Metro Beekeepers can be found on Facebook as well at Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association.

Potato Creek Beekeepers Association

       The Potato Creek club serves Spalding, Pike, Upson, & Lamar Counties, and the surrounding area.  Potato Creek is one of the newest bee clubs in the State, having been founded in 2014.  The Potato Creek Beekeepers Club can be found on Facebook at Potato Creek Beekeepers.

UGA Extension: Honey Bees & Beekeeping

       An excellent web resource posted and maintained by The University of Georgia Extension Service.  Lots of information, picturees, diagrams, etc.  It is an EXCELLENT resource for beginning beekeepers!  


Native Bees of Georgia

       A fantastic site cataloging (with phenominal photography) the many native varieties of bees in Georgia.

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